Coming from a racially ambiguous background, I can totally relate to the title of this video. As a kid I was convinced that I was adopted. Something just wasn’t right about me having a lighter skin color than my dad and being darker than my mom or having totally different hair than them. Only later I realized that you don’t have to necessary look exactly like your mom or your dad. Genetics doesn’t work that way. The beauty is in the blend of both worlds. As I grew older I learned to appreciate this more and more. Now I am really grateful and proud of my roots. I wouldn’t want to change my life with anyone. Today, I embrace my identity, I know exactly who I am.

The caramel-skinned girl who grew up in a village and calls Bosnians, Muslims and Sri Lankans her people.

The European girl that is obsessed with traveling and blue whales.

The brown girl that can relate to Arabs, Indians and Europeans.

The German girl that looks like an Arab, but is not fluent in Arabic, but in English and German.

The Asian girl that has a thing for Karaoke, yoga and horses.

I could go on and on with the list. After all,  I’m every womanremember?




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