These Mexicans…

Ladies, this one is going to be interesting for you. Before I came here, almost all my female friends said: “Who knows, maybe you will find a hot Latino there!” Whenever they said this I rolled with my eyes and reminded them, that the main reason why I set out for this venture was the job offered to me. Also, at this point at my life I am not interested in any relationships. I just want to travel as much as I can and focus on my career without being distracted. The Mexican guys don’t make it easy for you, though, I must admit.

Many of my female colleagues started dating Mexican men and shared their stories with some of us in the office. As much as there are positive aspects to observe, there is one big negative aspect hovering above them all: Mexican men are way too PUSHY. They will say it right from the beginning if they like you and ask you out. They won’t stop trying until they know 100% for sure that they don’t stand a chance. This procedure comes with the whole package: offering you rides in their cars, buying you drinks and flowers… If you come from a cold place like Germany, this is something new and yes, in the beginning it is enjoyable. But once you give them your phone number the real terror starts. My colleagues reported that they will receive messages throughout the day and requests to meet them literally EVERY DAY for a date. Guys, give the ladies a break! There’s no need to rush things! Or are they just doing things in fast forward, because they know our months in Mexico are numbered? In any case, this is creepy and I didn’t even mention yet that they try to kiss girls they like on every occasion! You really need to watch out and be on your guard at all times, if you don’t want some random guy to kiss you. Also, they will send gifts to your place, like chocolates and flowers, (if you don’t like this, don’t reveal your address to them) and offer to go on trips with you. Many find this too pushy, especially the German girls in my office. Well, I am the old-school sort-of-type and I appreciate it when guys try really hard. No guy will ever get the idea to kiss me, as I already spread the news in Mexico City that I am very generous with my punches in men’s face. So I already took care of that part.

But I don’t want to spread too much of negativity. I like to stress the many positive aspects of Mexican men. What impresses me the most is how polite Mexican men are. I am really not used to this in Germany. Mexican guys will feel responsible for your well-being when they go out with you. They hold the doors for you, see that you get home safely, pay the drinks and food. They are straightforward (or pushy, as some would say) and try really hard. Sometimes it is just hilarious because you will hear cheesy sentences like: “So you are half Bosnian and half…cute?” They will spontaneously dance with you on the streets and teach you to dance salsa. They will take you to touristic places and make every date a memorable one or as they put it: “I want you to enjoy as much of Mexico as you can.”

Many Mexicans asked me if I like German or Mexican men more. I think there are always two sides to a story. Both have good and bad aspects. And like this, some girls find that trying hard is the same as being pushy. In my opinion, it all depends on how you behave and what you signal. Do you flirt with Mexican men? Are you giving them hopes? Then don’t wonder why they are so “pushy”. But if you are not interested and start off every conversation with a Mexican with “I once punched a guy in this place…” you will find everything else amusing. It is up to you how the men treat you. Let the games begin!


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