Touristic Places in Mexico

It is already been one month since I arrived here. Time flies! I am collecting so many impressions, but I have so little time to write them down. This time I will tell you a bit about my first touristic trips here in Mexico.

Some of my colleagues and I went for a daytrip to Teotihuacan, which is just outside of Mexico City. It is an ancient Mesoamerican city of the Aztecs and it is famous for its pyramids. I was super-thrilled, because I love ancient, historical places. We travelled by metro (the first time I used the metro here) and bus. Once we arrived at Teotihuacan it was pretty crowded. As holder of a residence card you won’t be charged any entrance fees. You have to walk quite some distances there, as Teotihuacan is a very large complex. It is famous for its two huge Sun and Moon Pyramid and other small pyramids, stretching out on the sides of the Valley of the Dead. You can climb up the Sun and Moon Pyramid but let me warn you: It is not an easy climb! Unfortunately, I am hungry all the time and to top it all, I didn’t have breakfast that day. I was pretty sure they would sell food in Teotihuacan. But no-they had no food there. Absolutely nothing! They didn’t even sell chips!!! So if you ever plan to go there, have some breakfast and take some snacks with you.


The next weekend destination was Acapulco. It was a very memorable trip and so far my favorite place. That’s probably because it is really warm and sunny there and the beach is just awesome! This time we travelled by car. I have a good friend with an amazing network of locals, so we took the trip with them and stayed in a big house in a guarded community, just one road separating us from the beach. Our housing complex also had a pool and a beautiful tropical garden. Our Mexican friends made a barbeque for us and we had so much fun spending the entire day on the beach. Mexican know for sure how to give you a good time! They brought drinks and music along, we were swimming and then they started dancing on the beach. I got my private salsa lessons, that was so much fun! One thing I really appreciate about the Mexicans, is that they are never too shy to dance. They truly mastered the art of enjoying life and it is so much fun spending time with them or just watching them. At some point, when I was in the water, a man passed by with two horses and I just ran out and said: “I wanna go horse riding!” And just like that, our Mexican friends made sure that me and my other good friend got hold of the horses.

La Isla Diamante in Acapulco.
La Isla Diamante in Acapulco.

On the beach of La Isla Diamante you can also get a 30 minute massage for just 100 Pesos. And there is a famous place called La Quebrada, where divers jump off the cliffs. We didn’t make it there, though, because to our dismay, we had to watch the Superbowl . But hey, you can’t have everything in life.

The last trip was in the northern direction. We visited San Miguel de Allende, a colorful touristic town with a lot of flair. It offers some nice churches to visit and has lots of cozy cafes and restaurants hidden in the backyard of the buildings and also some really cute shops with lovely souvenirs and clothes. We also went to the best Italian restaurant so far. San Miguel de Allende is truly a gem.

San Miguel de Allende.
San Miguel de Allende.


We couldn’t go to San Miguel de Allende without paying a visit to Guanajuato. The sightseeing tour started off in the Museum of the Mummies, which was pretty creepy. Among adult mummies they also exhibited baby mummies. After this rather weird experience we decided to stroll through the center of Guanajuato and then take the funicular up to the top of Guanajuato where we ended the lovely weekend with a spectacular view.


Further trips are planned, but our tough working week doesn’t allow long stays in far places. Because of our packed days, it is hard for me to find the time to blog. I really hope that I can soon update you with more infos on the local people! This is where the fun begins.



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