Discovering New Destinations: Mexico


The past few weeks have been super-exciting. I moved to Mexico City, started a new job and to top it all, the result of my Master’s thesis exceeded all my expectations: I am officially a Master of Arts now! With everything set and me slowly settling in, I like to share some updates on my current living situation, food and weather with you.

I live pretty central and close to work. What seemed at the beginning as perfect turned out to be a nightmare in the first night. Central in a megacity of approximately 23 million people means 24/7 traffic and noise. After the first night I already wanted to move out again. And then I came across this amazing app: Sleepy Sounds. If my colleagues are reading this, I’m sure they are laughing. Since I discovered this app, I sleep very well and every time one of my colleagues tells that he/she couldn’t sleep last night, I go: ‘Use Sleepy Sounds! It’s an amazing app that plays nature sounds and white noise. I listen to heavy rain all night.’ I highly recommend this app to you, if you are not used to a noisy sleeping environment like me.

Regarding the food, I think I must be one of the few who doesn’t really enjoy it here in Mexico. Since I eat strictly halal and literally everything is with (non-halal) meat, I end up eating loads of salad at work and plain rice. When I cook for myself I make sure it is always fish and some veggies. Probably the only food item I love here, and I mean really love, are the salsas. They are amazing beyond words and so far I never tried a salsa I didn’t like.


But, today, I treated myself and had lunch with my Indian colleague at an Indian restaurant. It was my first vegan dish, but it was amazing to taste curry for the first time since I left home. We Asians just cannot live without our curries!!! Tomorrow I will join my Indian colleagues to an Indian grocery store. As I am slowly settling in, I also have to find a way to cook food like home…

I definitely love the weather here. It is very pleasant and feels to Europeans like spring. The sun shines almost all the time, there is a slight breeze and in the sun it is cozy warm. Actually I was freezing when I arrived here. I didn’t expect it to be that ‘cold’, I expected it to be more like in Sri Lanka. If you check the map you will see that Mexico City is in the tropical rain belt. But because Mexico City is about 3000 m above sea level, it gets quite chilly up here. The location of the city brings another problem: the smog. When I landed I could see it clearly. Down here in the city I don’t feel much of it. On the contrary, because it is so chilly here I get the impression that the air is fresh. Only sometimes can I see the smog from my office building.

I meet people from all around the world and noticed some differences between Mexicans and Europeans in particular – especially between the men. I will cover this topic in one of my next articles. So ladies, stay tuned! Further topics will be:

– The pyramids of Teotihuacan
– Life as a Muslim in Mexico
– A first review on safety in Mexico City
– An intercultural work environment
– The AIESEC internship program
– The language situation

As the main reason why I am here is work, I cannot promise regular updates, but I will do the best I can.

Much love from Smee to the World!



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