A Good Adventure Never Hurt Nobody…

So much is happening in Europe right now (if you haven’t yet, read my last article) and I am really glad that I am not there at the moment. Instead, I took a big step in my life and moved to Mexico City. Often I am asked: „Why Mexico??? You studied Arabic!“ So, does this mean my travels are restricted to the Middle East? I am interested in all the cultures of the world (plus, the internship offer was way too good to refuse it) and I felt it was time to change my travelling direction. This is a first, or many firsts for me, since:

1) I have neither been to the Americas before,
2) nor do I speak Spanish,
3) nor do I have the educational background of the job I am going to do.

But hey, what is life without challenges and by now you guys know that I love a good challenge!

I will try to report with funny stories from my adventures here and also compare the cultural differences. I might throw in an article on any other random topic based on culture or travelling, as you already know it from my blog.

For now, all I can say is that it’s a weird feeling being so far away from home and that Mexico is a bit different than I had imagined it. It is not so hot here (actually I freeze in the nights) and so far I can’t notice anything of the notorious smog here. But I just arrived here and there is yet plenty to discover.

Until then, stay tuned, nurture your wanderlust and fulfill your dreams!

Love now. Love always.



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