Common travel destinations are not my thing…

I needed some pampering and took a time off to the Azores. You might be asking yourself now: Where!? Yeeessss, I know, the Azores is not exactly a name you hear very often. It’s an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal.

I must admit, it’s not very warm here, but warmer than in Germany right now! I am on the main island of Sao Miguel, which is still tiny itself. The plane had to go on a full break when we landed, because the runway is so short. There were just two other planes in the entire airport (which is also unbelievably tiny). On the other side of the plane we could see cliffs. (At first I thought we just landed at one of the most dangerous airports in the world, but after some research I found out that I confused it with the airport of Gibraltar). IMG_8888.JPG

After this first weird impression, we started the next day with a dream of my bucket list: Whale watching. We were expecting to see some Sperm whales, the local whale, IF at all. Since it is December it is unlikely to see Whales. The ride on the catamaran was really tough and felt like an eternity. At the same time it was scary, because south of the coast of Sao Miguel there is nothing, just open sea (until the Antarctica). And then, out of nowhere, we spotted whales! I was so stunned, I needed a moment to realize it. We were unbelievably lucky to see Fin whales, with up to 27m length the second largest whale and animal on earth. Fin whales are threatened from extinction and actually, during December they are nowhere near the Azores. Until now I cannot believe what I saw. But see for yourselves:


Also, we discovered some playful common dolphins:

(They are on the left side of the picture-tiny but visible!)

I am still on the island and will update you soon with more experiences and pictures. Next stops on the agenda: Travelling to the vulcanic center of the island with focus on Furnas with its hot springs, horse riding and hiking to Sete Cidades, the famous two-lake in a volcano crater. (Please excuse any typos and other mistakes. I am updating my blog via phone, which I am doing for the first time.)

Have a great week y’all!



2 thoughts on “Common travel destinations are not my thing…

    1. Hi Ida!

      Soon I will write more about my trip, and I will upload the link to Futurismo. 🙂 You guys are great, especially the swimming with dolphins was one of the highlights of my life!

      Hope to see you sometime again!

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