Life is not just Black & White!

The social life has got me back after finishing my thesis, and I am grateful to those who are taking the time to read this after the long break. Thanks guys!

In the past six months I came across many interesting topics, discussions and pondered a lot myself. With the tensions not only rising in Germany (or at least it appears so to me), but more prominently in the US, I think it is a good thing if we all evaluate our mentalities and ways of thinking. Ask yourself genuinely: Am I scared of people that are different from me? And moreover: Am I scared when these people move to my neighborhood and play a role in my everyday life? In other words: Am I a racist?
This might sound very straightforward and blunt, but it is necessary to think about it. Different forms of racism exist, and not every country or region might have the same problems. I’ve never been to the US so far, but it seems like the racism of Whites against Blacks is a big issue. Who thinks that it has vanished since Obama has become the first black president is clearly mistaken.

Germany’s issue, in my experience, is racism in general, not only towards dark-skinned people. It is the fear of everything that is different, and the list of feared (and hated) people is long: Turks, Blacks, Muslims… To me it is a mystery how one could be afraid of a multicultural society. I think a multicultural society can be the key to success. One can profit from the different patterns of thought and mentalities. I feel more comfortable when I’m in a group of people with different nationalities than when I am alone with a bunch of Sri Lankans or Germans. It can be so funny to discover similarities and at the same time interesting to observe the differences. It will help you evaluate why people are so different, and if you are an advanced Culturalist, you will discover the reasons why people behave and think the way they do. And this will finally make you more open-minded and tolerant, because you are actually trying to understand these people. And doesn’t this make you a smarter person?

I’m not saying that the fault is only in ‘white’ societies. I’ve been often enough insulted by dark-skinned people for being ‘white’. (I’m not even proper white, you can read it in my first blog post. ☺) To me it is simply stupidity for a person to think that he or she is superior to another person just because of their skin color, ethnicity or religion. As a woman of science, I can tell you that even our genes prove that we are all the same. We all – whether Black, White, Yellow, or Red – share more than 99% of the same genes. It is just this less than 1% that makes us different from each other. To speak of different ‘races’ when distinguishing between different skin colors is not only scientifically wrong, but also very racist, call it as you wish. Horses have different fur colors, but it doesn’t define their race. An Arab horse can be black, white or bay color. Diversity is what keeps nature going. You have a larger gene pool to choose from. Just imagine if everybody would look, think and behave the same way. Wouldn’t that be boring?

Why do we have to harp on differences? Why is it always Black vs. White? Christians vs. Muslims? First World vs. Third World? Aren’t movies in color much better than movies in black and white? And so it is with life: A life lived in color is much fuller and more beautiful than a life lived in black and white. I want you to think about this. Are you really open? Are you really trying to understand people being different from you?

I want to close this topic (for now) with a brilliant video my family recommended me a couple of days ago. Muhammad Ali speaking about his thoughts on black and white. It is very entertaining.

Be open-minded, be smart, be empathic.

Love now, love always.

Lady Smee


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