Top 10 of The Most Embarrassing Cultural Moments – Part 2

To all my patient and loyal readers, here is my Top 5 to 1 of my Most Embarrassing Cultural Moments. Thanks for tuning in. x.

5) ‘You look very exotic.’

This story also took place during my first Bachelor semester. No kidding, a random guy at the train station approached me and said this to me. That guy scared the living shit out of me. He was bald, dressed in a boiler suit and black boots. My first thought was that this guy is a Nazi and I’m his next victim. It turned out that that guy was just curious and looking for a conversation. Obviously he never spoke to a ‘foreign-looking’ person in his life. We had a great conversation and as a plus, I guess his first encounter with a migrant was pretty positive (because I didn’t fit into any of those stereotypes).

 4) ‘Marry me, so I can get the German passport and then we can get divorced again.’

For a change a story that didn’t take place in Germany. I think that sentence just says it all.

3) ‘I can’t give you the foreigner bonus.’

Can you believe that this statement came from a university lecturer? I wanted to discuss my thesis with her and how I can make improvements. In the end, she said there was no way she could give me a better grade. As if that sentence with the foreigner bonus wasn’t bad enough, the reason why she couldn’t give me that ‘foreigner bonus’ was simply that I wrote my entire thesis in perfect Standard German. What is that foreigner bonus, by the way?

2) ‘You’re studying! Excellent, the foreigners need to educate themselves.’

The old man on the tram who told me this was a bit weird. I felt sorry for him and answered his questions on the tram. Of course everyone else on the tram could hear what that guy was telling. He asked me if I’m a student and when I said yes, he exclaimed: ‘You’re studying! Excellent, the foreigners need to educate themselves.’ I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it in a bad way. But it just came out terribly. And everyone else heard it, too. Until today I’m not sure if that guy was 100 % sane. After all, he was wearing a salad bowl on his head…

1) ‘AIDS-Pig from Bangladesh!’

Definitely my number 1 of the most embarrassing stories. As if that statement isn’t bad enough, I have to add that that statement came from an old granny and was directed towards an 8 year-old child. That kid was seriously intimidated. Needless to say that that child wasn’t from Bangladesh and it also didn’t have AIDS…My reaction? I couldn’t help myself but laugh. People can be so mean.


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